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IOE centre plays a key role in hosting archive after closure of development education charity

26 February 2019

UCL Institute of Education’s (IOE) Development Education Research Centre (DERC) is ensuring that the resources of Think Global, a charity that has links with DERC, are continuing to remain accessible to those conducting research on development education and global learning.

Teacher and class

Think Global, the leading networking organisation for development education, closed down due to lack of funding in November 2018. The organisation, previously known as the Development Education Association, had played a leading role in development education domestically and internationally for over thirty years, defining their mission as working ‘to enable people to understand and think critically about global issues, motivating and encouraging us all to act for a more just and sustainable world.’

In order to ensure the resources remain accessible, DERC is currently hosting an archive copy of the Think Global website, including the resource and publication library. The related sister website ‘Global Dimension’, which is aimed squarely at teachers, is continuing, but is now hosted by another organisation.

DERC also took control of a physical library of the organisation's resources, which are now being incorporated into the IOE Library.

Next steps: A global learning network for England?

To ensure that some form of network for Global Learning remains in England, DERC recently hosted a meeting of organisations interested in keeping a network going. If you would like to be involved in this network, please contact DERC Co-Director Douglas Bourn on d.bourn@ucl.ac.uk