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IOE Centre for Education Improvement Science – appointment of Director

16 November 2018

As the Centre for Education Improvement Science’s (CEIS) current Director, Professor Becky Allen, stands down to spend more time with her young family, we are advertising for a new Director for the centre.

UCL Institute of Education building

Professor Becky Francis, Director of the UCL Institute of Education (IOE), said:

“I am very grateful to Becky for having progressed the work of CEIS over the past year. In the meantime we are advertising for a new Director for CEIS to drive forward this important strand of research for the IOE”.

CEIS is dedicated to improving our understanding of teaching and learning. It draws on expertise from across UCL, and encompasses laboratory experiments through to classroom observation research, to develop our scientific understanding of education.

Through this research it will help school leaders, teachers, parents and policy makers improve how schools are run, teachers are developed and children learn. Just as ‘improvement science’ is being used to improve the quality of healthcare and the performance of the health service, CEIS is developing and adapting this approach to the education sector.

This investment represents a key element of the IOE’s strategy, further strengthening its mission to improve lives through education and serve as a ‘go to’ resource for policy makers and practitioners nationally and internationally.

You can view the advertisement for the CEIS Director role here.