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Funding for IOE study on attainment grouping announced

30 November 2018

UCL Institute of Education (IOE) researchers have received funding in the region of £850,000 for a new study on attainment grouping in schools.

Secondary school classroom

The Student Grouping Study, funded by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), follows previous IOE research on mixed attainment grouping.

Led by Professor Jeremy Hodgen and Dr Becky Taylor, the team will compare the difference in outcomes between schools that set pupils by prior attainment and those that teach pupils in mixed ability classes.

IOE Director Professor Becky Francis, Dr Jake Anders, Professor Louise Archer, Professor Martin Mills and Dr Antonina Tereshchenko also form part of the research team.

Forty schools that currently practice mixed attainment grouping will be recruited to the study and a pool of schools that practice attainment setting will be identified and matched to schools in the setting pool to provide a comparison group of schools.

Professor Jeremy Hodgen said: “Setting and mixed attainment teaching are hotly debated topics, but much of the research to date has been either small-scale or conducted in the US. We are delighted to be conducting this study which will provide relevant and practical evidence for schools and teachers.”

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