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Book launch: Education and Extremisms

16 October 2017

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A new book by Dr Farid Panjwani and Dr Mike Diboll, both from the Centre for Research and Evaluation in Muslim Education (CREME) at the UCL Institute of Education (IOE), explores how education will respond to the challenge of extremism.

The authors argue that the implementation of new teaching techniques, curricular reforms or top-down changes to education policy cannot alone solve the problem of extremism in educational establishments across the world.

Instead, they state that there is a need for those concerned with radicalisation to reconsider the relationship between instrumentalist ideologies shaping education and the multiple forms of extremisms that exist.

The authors seek to re-engage with liberal education in order to foster values of individual and social enrichment, intellectual freedom, criticality, open-mindedness, flexibility and reflection as antidotes to extremist ideologies.

Recognising recent criticisms of liberalism and liberal education, the book argues for a new understanding of liberal education that is suitable for multicultural societies in a rapidly globalising world.

'Education and Extremisms: Rethinking Liberal Pedagogies in the Contemporary World', by Dr Farid Panjwani, Dr Mike Diboll (UCL Institute of Education), Lynn Revell (Canterbury Christ Church University) and Dr Reza Gholami (Keele University) was published by Routledge in October 2017.

Questions about the book should be sent to: ioe.creme@ucl.ac.uk

An roundtable discussion event to launch the book takes place on 23 November.

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