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IOE academic informs debate around public health

13 March 2017

Marie Lall Difficult Dialogues

Professor Marie Lall, Chair in Education and South Asian Studies at the UCL Institute of Education (IOE), was a key speaker at a recent forum on public health, held in Goa.

This was the first time UCL partnered with Difficult Dialogues for a three-day forum to encourage discussion around the pivotal question, "Is India's health a grand challenge?"

More than 250 people attended the event, from academic experts to public policy professionals, journalists and business leaders.

Four key themes were explored during the summit: inequality, gender, universal health care and the changing burden of disease.

Professor Lall introduced what UCL faculties do in health and related subjects and presented UCL's work in India with Indian partners beyond health.

Speaking of the forum, Professor Lall said:

"UCL has over 100 collaborations across many disciplines in India. The Difficult Dialogues conference not only gave the debate around access to healthcare a platform but also showcased UCL's work in health and in India. UCL was delighted to partner with Difficult Dialogues as our joint aim was to have policy impact."

Difficult Dialogues prize

Founded by UCL alumna, Surina Narula, the annual Difficult Dialogues event aims to build a foundation for these difficult conversations, and to translate this dialogue into impact.



  • First image: Difficult Dialogues
  • Second image: Professor Marie Lall (green), Professor Monica Lakhanpaul, the Governor of Goa, Mridula Sinha and Surina Narula