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IOE to deliver new 'school leader' qualifications

14 July 2017

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The UCL Institute of Education (IOE) will become an accredited provider of all four newly reformed National Professional Qualifications (NPQs).

The award comes after Secretary of State for Education Justine Greening announced the introduction of a newly strengthened QTS from September 2019.

The NPQs will give schools and organisations the opportunity to build their professional leadership development. The qualifications are part of the Department for Education's (DfE) vision for an education system that drives social mobility, ensuring that every child and young person can access a high quality education, regardless of location, prior attainment, or background.

Working with over 200 outstanding teaching schools and their partners, the leadership team at the IOE will offer the NPQs through its 'Leadership CoLab'. Working with the school partners, it will design, deliver and assess the qualifications, which range from middle to executive leadership level. A proportion of these courses will be delivered to aspirant and serving leaders in disadvantaged schools.

Commenting on the announcement, Dr Jenny Francis, who is co-leading the initiative, said:

"Research repeatedly shows that the quality of education a school provides is crucially linked to the quality of leadership. We are proud that we have been able to deliver high quality leadership training to thousands of school leaders the past 20 years. We are delighted that we now have the accreditation, which will enable us to reach even more school leaders, at every level, across the entire country. This will make such a positive difference to the life chances of our young people."

Speaking of the qualifications earlier this year, Ms Greening said:

"Our new, fully revised gold standard National Professional Qualifications (NPQs), developed in partnership with the teaching profession, will be implemented from September this year. These new qualifications build on the already strong status of NPQs, with an even stronger emphasis on evidence and support for pupils who need it most. And because I want to support and invest in the development of those people working in our most challenging schools, I have set aside up to £10 million to incentivise take-up for high-potential teachers and leaders working in them."

Professor Becky Francis, Director of the IOE, said: "It's very exciting, and a hugely important building block in our leadership work."

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