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Giulia Vettori joins LLNR&P as visiting PhD student

8 February 2017

Giulia Vettori

The IOE welcomes Giulia Vettori, a second year PhD student from the University of Florence. Ms Vettori joins the Centre for Language, Literacy and Numeracy: Research and Practice (LLNR&P) to pursue her research interests in the development of literacy between preschool and school time.

Professor Julie Dockrell, Chair in Psychology and Special Needs at the Centre, said: "Giulia's visit provides an opportunity to develop a wider understanding of the ways in which children learn to write in different languages. It provides an excellent basis for refining theories and developing interventions. We are extremely happy Giulia has chosen to work in our lab."

Ms Vettori said:
"Professor Dockrell and her research Centre have extensive experience promoting the development of children's language skills in all of its forms; spoken and written. There's a lot of work to do in this field and I'm looking forward to learn more this term and contribute to the field.

"The visit will greatly assist me in networking and building my PhD project, since it will offer an important opportunity to present and discuss my work with expert scholars. I'm also hoping to participate in the weekly seminars and lectures that the IOE provides. I'm very happy to discover more about the projects the Centre is working on!"

Ms Vettori will spend the spring term at the IOE, where she will examine atypical developmental populations and multilingualism. She has also been involved in research around children's theory of mind and students' conceptions of learning.