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The quest for world-class university status: implications for sustainable development of Asian universities

29 September 2016

Lingnan University

In a working paper published by the Centre for Global Higher Education (CGHE), Professor Ka Ho Mok from Lingnan University investigates the implications of Asian universities' quest for world-class status.

The paper explores the ways in which Asian governments are exerting serious efforts to boost their universities' global competitiveness and ensure high rankings in global university leagues.

The massification of higher education in Asia has also generated growing concern for graduates confronting under- and unemployment. Within this policy context, Professor Mok investigates the major challenges confronting higher education in Asia and examines the specific purpose of higher education.

With particular focus on addressing the growing diversity of learning needs, the paper critically examines the role of liberal arts education in Asia, exploring the importance of role differentiation and fit-for-purpose education for sustainable development.

The full working paper can be viewed on the CGHE website.