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Inequalities in early communication: watch Julie Dockrell's talk at Lund University, Sweden

30 November 2016

Julie Dockrell Lund University

Julie Dockrell, Professor of Psychology at the UCL Institute of Education, recently gave a talk on the inequalities in children's language learning at Lund University, Sweden.

She was invited by the Cognition, Communication and Learning research centre (CCL) at Lund University to present some of her research during a symposium that focused on communication, prevention and intervention in children's language development.

Professor Dockrell showed that disparities in language learning can affect children's access to the curriculum and their achievement in schools. Inequalities can occur due to different opportunities in the language learning environment and children's language learning needs.

To address this issue, Professor Dockrell defended a more supportive language learning environment in education, and described ways to create such an environment.

Watch the video