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First World War Centenary Battlefields Tour Programme receives prestigious accolade

7 November 2016

Battlefield tours

The UCL Institute of Education (IOE)'s First World War Centenary Battlefields Tour Programme (FWWCBTP) has won the national award for schools and young people at the Remember World War One (RWW1) Awards 2016 ceremony.

The RWW1 awards celebrate the effort made throughout the UK by individuals and groups to commemorate the First World War and give something back to their communities.

Jerome Freeman, Programme Leader for the First World War Centenary Battlefields Tour Programme, said:

"I am delighted that our programme has been recognised by the Remember WW1 Awards for our work with schools and young people. We are half way into this five year project, and are very proud of the success we have had in engaging pupils from schools across England in learning about the First World War, and the way they have gone on to share the knowledge and the stories they have discovered with their local communities."

The First World War Centenary Battlefield Tours Programme is a five year initiative funded by the Department for Education. It allows two pupils and one teacher from 4,000 secondary schools in England to take part in a four day tour to the Western Front.

The tour is run by the IOE in partnership with Equity, a leading operator of curriculum based tours. Pupils visit museums, battlefield sites, memorials and cemeteries both in and around the Somme in France and Ypres in Belgium. Visiting these places is intended to help pupils visualise the scale of the conflict and the lives lost.

The programme is designed to help teachers and pupils from every state-funded secondary school in England to develop a deeper understanding of the Great War. Through enquiry-based learning, pupils are encouraged to unearth regional and personal stories to bring back and share with the wider community. They are also challenged to think critically about the social, economic and political consequences of the war, its impact on other nations and the role played by the Empire and the Commonwealth.

To enrich the battlefield tour experience, teachers complete a Continued Professional Development (CPD) programme beforehand, which seeks to challenge how and why we teach the First World War, both in the classroom and on field trips.


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