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TCRU exhibition: Many voices, many languages: Being a young translator

4 August 2016

Child language brokering

During the week of 11 July, the Thomas Coram Research Unit (TCRU) held an exhibition showcasing the work of young people who act as translators and interpreters for family, friends and local communities.

The exhibition, 'Many voices, many languages: Being a young translator', formed part of TCRU's child language brokering research project, which explores the ways in which translating in different spaces can influence young people's identity and self-perception. Using a variety of art forms to express language identities, the exhibition showcased the sculptures, drawings, digital video and audio podcasts that were developed through the project.

The exhibition also featured a short film on child language brokers, 'Translating and me'. Watch the video below.

The study of young translating is often referred to as child language brokering because these young people do more than word-for-word translating. They also 'translate cultures' by acting as mediators for cultural knowledge, values and institutions. Some language brokers are advocates for their families; others see their translating as a normal extension of caring for family and friends.

For more information on child language brokering, read about the research project

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