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UCL Institute of Education leads new partnership to boost training and employment opportunities in East London

27 October 2016

The Centre for Post-14 Education and Work is leading a major new programme to support training, apprenticeship and employment opportunities for young people in East London, aiming to provide a qualified workforce for the area’s fast-growing digital, creative and social care sectors.


ELVET, which is supported by the JP Morgan Foundation, has been launched at a time when the local economy in East London is seeing a huge change with the influx of new industries. At the same time, changes to the further education system encompass the London Area-Based Review, the devolution of the Adult Education Budget, the implications for technical education arising from the Post-16 Skills Plan, changes in apprenticeships and a range of curriculum and qualification reforms for 16-19 year olds.

The programme should encourage provision to become demand-led and is aligned with the government’s skills priorities.

ELVET supports four Innovation Projects led by Barking & Dagenham College, Hackney Community College, Newham College and Tower Hamlets College in partnership with a range of employers and providers.

Professor Ann Hodgson, ELVET programme director at the IOE said:

“My colleagues and I at the Centre for Post-14 Education and Work are looking forward to working with the Association of Colleges London Region and four major FE colleges in East London to create innovative and challenging learning, apprenticeship and employment opportunities for young people and adults in three vital sectors for this part of London – digital, creative and media and health and social care. We are grateful to the JP Morgan Foundation for their generous support.”

The programme is underpinned by a robust methodology based on the Centre’s research on economic ecosystems, and builds on its successful Two-Way Street Leadership Exchange and Teach Too Programmes.

There will be will be a range of publications and resources designed to support practitioner, researcher and policy audiences. The Centre on Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance at Oxford University will provide an external evaluation of the outcomes and impact of the programme.



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