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Bringing you radical and inspiring ideas for alternative education futures, informed by cutting-edge research and expertise.

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Our debate series brings together a range of commentators - academics, politicians, practitioners, policy wonks - and pushes them to bring radical new thinking to some of the apparently intractable issues within education. This can help all of us reflect on the status quo, celebrate progress but also consider how we might change things for the better to achieve commonly held goals for our education system and what it can do for us all.

Our series of professorial public lectures provide an opportunity to celebrate and share the expertise of our professors. Senior IOE academics present their world-leading research in educational and social research and demonstrate how it is not only shaping their individual research fields, but also public debate, government policy, and professional practice.

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What if… we really wanted to further social mobility through education?

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What if… we really wanted evidence-informed practice in the classroom?

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Inequalities in education and society
Presented by Professor Alice Sullivan.

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Knowledge in education: Why philosophy matters. Presented by Professor Jan Derry.

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