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Advising the G20 on the future of work and education

The IOE has contributed policy briefings to the G20, the international forum that brings together the world's major economies.

A man wearing glasses speaks into a microphone with a number of country flags in front of him. (Photo: khampiranon / Adobe Stock)

The G20, consisting of 19 countries and the EU, meets to promote economic stability and address the world’s major challenges. These challenges range from climate change to the recovery from coronavirus to terrorism to healthcare.

Think 20 (T20) comprises leading think tanks and research organisations. As the official engagement group of the G20, it provides evidence-based policy recommendations to the G20 leaders.

Research from the IOE's Centre for Post-14 Education and Work has informed the T20's policy proposals. Paul Grainger is the former co-director of the centre and former Head of Enterprise and Innovation for the Department of Education, Practice and Society. He is now an Honorary Research Associate. Paul has made regular recommendations to the T20 since 2018. 

In 2018, Paul produced three policy briefings for the 'Future of Work and Education for the Digital World' task force. This task force focused on the impact of the technological revolution on the labour market.  These changes, dubbed the Fourth Industrial Revolution, are disrupting every industry. Alongside the significant economic advantages and opportunities, developments, such as automation, threaten many jobs. The task force proposed education policies to help everyone prosper from the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

Paul Grainger also co-wrote a T20 policy briefing on best practices in technical and vocational training in 2019. The following year, he spoke at the T20 conference on the future of education after COVID-19. Here, Paul discussed the pros and cons of remote learning and the importance of collaboration between vocational colleges and employers. In 2021, he co-wrote a policy briefing on cybersecurity and addressed vocational assessment during the lockdown for the G2O Insights publication.

Image: khampiranon / Adobe Stock