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Being and becoming academics: Cases of overseas returnees’ career pathways in China

06 June 2023, 2:00 pm–3:00 pm

Tutor and students. Photo: Alejandro Walter Salinas Lopez © 2019 UCL Digital Media

Join this event to hear Mei Li and Wen Xu explore the different experiences, pathways and academic career development of Chinese returnees with overseas doctoral degrees.

This event is free.

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Mary Bowen-Perkins

Mei and Wen will illustrate how a top-notch scientist and an average overseas returnee grow up as early career researchers in Chinese higher education (HE). They'll discuss the patterns and characteristics of early career development and how returnees mobilise resources and carve out spaces for career development so as to integrate into Chinese academia.

This online event will be particularly useful for researcher, teachers and students.

'The future of cross-border academic mobility' Seminar Series

In this series, successive presenters will bring their different research lenses to bear on the future of cross-border academic mobility. They will focus not only on trends and patterns in global, regional, national and local mobility but also on the many educational, cultural, institutional and policy issues that arise.

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About the Speakers

Professor Mei Li

Professor at the Institute of Higher Education, East China Normal University

Her research focuses on the internationalisation of Chinese higher education, international academic mobility, and higher education policy in China. 

Dr Wen Xu

Postdoctoral researcher at East China Normal University

Her research interests focus on international education, languages education, international student mobility and academic identity.