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Epistemic justice seminar series - January

18 January 2023, 12:00 pm–1:00 pm

UCL Portico in the afternoon. UCL Image Store.

Join this third session of the Epistemic Justice seminar series to hear Michalis Kontopodis and Sangeeta Rani explore and discuss ethnic minority and international students' perspectives to psychology and education in UK universities.

This event is free.

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Leda Kamenopoulou

Higher education curricula and policies have close ties to the histories and cultural traditions of industrialised societies’ white upper- and middle-class populations, so it is unclear how they may reflect the interests and values of students from a variety of ethnic, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds. 

In this event Michalis and Sangeeta will present the findings of two qualitative and decolonial research projects as the basis for a critical discussion about the possibilities and challenges of doing epistemic justice in contemporary, complex university settings. 

The first project addresses de-centring the psychology curriculum, in this case, so that BA students from diverse backgrounds could familiarise themselves with cultural-historical, decolonial, feminist and other critical psychological approaches; the second, with international female Indian BA & MA students, explores the centrality of community, belonging and identity in and beyond formal educational settings.

This event will be particularly useful for those interested in decolonisation, equity and social justice, diversity and inclusion, co-production and under-represented voices in academia.

Epistemic Justice seminar series

This series aims to help attendees challenge the existing power imbalances in knowledge production and sharing, by reflecting on our curricula, teaching practice, and research.  An exciting line-up of invited speakers will share their work on promoting decolonisation, equity, social justice, diversity and inclusion in academia.

About the Speakers

Professor Michalis Kontopodis

Chair in Global Childhood and Youth Studies at University of Leeds

His background comprises psychology, anthropology and education. A first-generation student and immigrant himself, Professor Kontopodis is leading research and knowledge co-production projects on children's and young people's futures with a focus on inclusive education, digital transformation and globalisation “from below”.

More about Professor Michalis Kontopodis

Sangeeta Rani

Post-Graduate Researcher in the School of Education at University of Leeds

Her background comprises psychology, sociology, and education. She is a first-generation student who has worked previously on the conceptualisation of integration and belonging with university students from different ethnic, religious and social-economic backgrounds.