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Relational trust in Chilean secondary schools during COVID times

24 May 2022, 4:00 pm–5:00 pm

Secondary school student in South America wearing COVID facemask. Cesar/Adobe Free Stock.

Join this event to hear Dr José Weinstein present his research on the importance of relational trust as a dimension of school life.

This event is free.

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José will discuss the background, methodology and the findings from his research. He will start by exploring how the existing subject literature has established its association with school dimensions so relevant as principal's leadership, teachers' collaboration, student engagement, and school improvement. Relational trust is amplified or restricted not only according to the school community characteristics, but also by the educational policies in place.

The research looked at relational trust in Chilean public secondary schools which operate in an educational system characterised by double accountability derived from market plus state control. 

José utilised mixed methods by first surveying principals, teachers and students in a representative sample of 54 secondary public schools from the metropolitan region. Secondly, he conducted a multi-case study in six of these schools.
Results are presented according to school type (vocational and general secondary education). As the research was conducted during COVID times, its results are influenced by this context, allowing to better understand the dynamics of relational trust in critical times.

This event will be particularly useful for those interested in accountability, comparative education and the Chilean educational system.

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About the Speaker

Dr José Weinstein

Director of the Centre of Educational Leadership at Diego Portales University, Chile

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