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Language, education and social inequalities: more equal and inclusive societies in the Global South

28 June 2022–01 July 2022, 3:00 pm–6:30 pm

Chilean skyline. Image: Florian Rubio via Unsplash

Join this this 4-day webinar brought together by a long-standing partnership between Universidad de Chile and IOE.

This event is free.

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Rommy Anabalon Schaaf

This multi-day webinar aims to generate a space for cross-cultural dialogue discussion and collaborative learning and knowledge production with community scholars within and outside the academy around language and education as they intersect with issues of gender, class, race and ethnicity in the (re)production of social inequalities. 

In line with the UCL GES, IOE mission and SDGs, this webinar is driven by a strong culture of social justice in and through education, research and social provision, promoting opportunities for international collaboration and the development of international student and staff experience and exchange between UCH and UCL.

Webinar topics:

  • Challenges and possibilities of interdisciplinary work from a critical perspective
  • The role of experts and non-experts in knowledge production
  • Decoloniality of knowledge
  • Intercultural education
  • Community education
  • Language rights
  • New perspectives in language and migration
  • The role of language in the creation and development of social movements
  • Issues around language and nation-states (multinationalism, standardisation of languages, bilingual education, etc.)
  • Language and neoliberalism
  • Language policy and planning
  • Language and gender/sexuality
  • Language and racism.
  • Language workers in current conditions of capitalism

Webinar sessions:

  • Presentations by academics from Universidad de Chile
  • Presentations by academics from University College London
  • Presentations by international guest speakers
  • Presentations by Chilean doctoral students at UCL
  • Roundtable discussion “Popular education and community organisations”
  • Roundtable discussion “Language, Education and Social Inequalities in the debates around a new Constitution for Chile”

This event will be particularly useful for those interested in: sociolinguistics, sociology, linguistics, anthropology, education and social research.

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