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Can a good night sleep benefit learning?

22 February 2022, 6:00 pm–7:00 pm

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In this webinar, Dagmara Dimitriou will review some of the key research using multimodal designs when considering health status as well as cultural and economic diversity of the society.

This event is free.

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Roberto Filippi

There is now substantial scientific evidence that sleep has an impact on daytime behaviour and cognitive functioning. 

Sleep patterns change across our developmental trajectory - hence one important question is posed here: How can sleep enhance one’s learning? The impact of a good night sleep might not only have a direct impact on the child but family and whole school. Professor Dimitriou will discuss the current recommendations and possible tools to improve sleep.

This event will be particularly useful for those interested in cognitive, social and emotional development.

Bridging Educational Sciences with Practice in Education seminar series

The event is part of this knowledge exchange seminar series which aims to bridge educational sciences with practice in education. IOE, in collaboration with Cambridge Primary Education Trust (CPET) and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Teaching School Hub, brings you ten leading experts in the field of Education and Psychological Sciences who will engage with you, presenting their work, and outlining policies and new strategies in education.

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About the Speaker

Dagmara Dimitriou

Professor of Sleep Education and Research at Department of Psychology and Human Development (IOE)

Her main research interest is in sleep disorders, mental health and how these relate to learning and behaviour in general population and individuals with developmental disorders such as Autism, Williams Syndrome, Down Syndrome and ADHD.

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