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Academic mavericks in the global marketplace

13 October 2021, 12:00 pm–1:00 pm

Researchers collaborating. Image: bongkarn thanyakij via Pexels

In this webinar, Dr Anatoly V. Oleksiyenko will present on the topic of academic mavericks in the global marketplace.

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Centre for Higher Education Studies (CHES)

Reflecting on his recent book 'Academic Collaborations in the Global Marketplace' (Springer 2019), Anatoly Oleksiyenko will discuss ethical dilemmas of the professoriate constructing international partnerships for research and development in the context of competitiveness and performative anxiety.

His presentation explores a diversity of tensions across organisational and epistemological domains amid questions on what shapes meaningful collaborations and intellectual leadership in global academia.

This event will be particularly useful for those interested in higher education policies and practices.

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Image: bongkarn thanyakij via Pexels

About the Speaker

Anatoly V. Oleksiyenko

Associate Professor in Higher Education and Director of Comparative Education Research Centre (CERC) at the University of Hong Kong

Anatoly Oleksiyenko

Anatoly's research focuses on agency of internationalisation in higher education and dilemmas of governance and leadership in neoliberal and post-Soviet research universities. His papers on these issues can be found in such journals as Higher Education Quarterly, Higher Education Policy, and Higher Education.

Oleksiyenko’s paper 'On the Shoulders of Giants? Global science, resource asymmetries, and repositioning of research universities in China and Russia' (Comparative Education Review) received CIES-HESIG’s Best Article Award in 2016, and his book 'Global Mobility and Higher Learning' (Routledge) won the Best Book Award from CIES’ SIG International Students and Study Abroad in 2019.

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