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Youth voice in the city: involving young people in research and planning and decision making

17 November 2021, 12:00 pm–1:00 pm

researcher in seminar - UCL Imagestore, Alejandro Walter Salinas Lopez

This Youth and the City webinar series' event focuses on the theme of youth voice in research, and features research from London and Athens.

This event is free.

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Avril Keating

Presentation 1: The practical ethics of doing urban planning research with young people

Hannah Sender, Institute for Global Prosperity, UCL

In this presentation, Hannah will talk about what makes co-producing research with young people possible, and a positive experience. She'll touch on different matters to do with practical ethics, including project management and design, mental health support, and payment. Whilst drawing on own experiences of working with/as young researchers in London, it aims to tease out some lessons learned which can be relevant for others working in different contexts.

Presentation 2: Youth voice in the city - involving young people in research and planning and decision-making

Dr. Tom Western, UCL Department of Geography

This talk details a set of collaborative methods for creative activism. It centres on Athens, and the ways that people build autonomous spaces of research, knowledge, and cultural production – both as techniques of voice and mobilisation, and as means of remapping and remaking the city. 

Dr Western will narrate these methods through a project called the Active Citizens Sound Archive, which I run with my colleagues in the Syrian and Greek Youth Forum (SGYF). The talk aims to share these methods of collaboration, relation, and imagination – detailing how academic and activist knowledges combine, and how vocal politics carry into research, planning, and decision-making.

This event will be particularly useful for those interested in youth studies, urban studies, sociology, research methods, youth activism, co-production.

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About the Speakers

Hannah Sender

PhD student and Research Fellow at UCL Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment

Hannah is interested in how changes in urban areas affect adolescents’ everyday lives, subjectivities and futures. She works with young people of different genders, nationalities, ethnicities and with different abilities, in Lebanon and the UK. Hannah develops creative and collaborative methodologies which support young people to be researchers of their own lives and neighbourhoods.

Dr Tom Western

Lecturer in Social and Cultural Geography at UCL

Dr Western's teaching and research centres on movements and migrations, cities and citizenships, relations and imaginations, activisms and anticolonialisms. Tom works primarily in Athens, Greece, where he studies and contributes to migratory activisms and creative citizenship movements. Based on this work, he is currently writing a book titled Circular Movements: Migratory Citizenships in Athens. The book hears how people in Athens creatively contest the logics of borders and citizenship regimes, reimagining questions of being and belonging in the city, and remaking citizenships against citizenship.