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Communicating research through film

04 November 2021, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

Keri Wong in the New Yorker documentary, "What Happens When Childhood Fears Are Bottled Up?"

The IOE is bringing experts, doctoral students, and early career researchers together to make an authentic impact a key consideration in research projects. Join this meet-up for a screening of New Yorker-produced documentary 'For Emergency Use Only' followed by an inspiring conversation and Q&A.

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Tatiana Souteiro Dias

Join IOE Impact Meet-ups for this film screening, conversation, and Q&A between with Film Director Daire Collins (New Yorker magazine, BBC Reel, Channel 4 News), award-winning Producer Matt Diegan (Earthling) and their collaborator Dr Keri Wong,  Assistant Professor and Lecturer in Psychology at the UCL Institute of Education. Consider what it's like for creatives and researchers to work together and hear about the challenges faced and benefits gained.

For Emergency Use Only explores Collins’ childhood memories in Ireland interweaved by themes of climate change and the Black Lives Matter movement, providing key links to Dr Wong's research around children's ability to develop trust in others and their concerns in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic and their mental health.

This interactive session consists of a brief introduction of the production team before showing the 20 minute documentary and launching into a Q&A  session. Audience members are free to submit questions prior to and during the session. 

We recognise the power of film as a medium to give voice to vulnerable populations like young children, and wish to encourage researchers to consider using documentaries as a method to communicate their scientific findings creatively and to reach a wider audience.

We hope attendees will also aspire to pick up new skills in video production, filming to produce and communicate messages and topics they are passionate about (e.g., climate change, stigma surrounding mental health).

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About the Speakers

Dr Keri Wong

Lecturer in Psychology at Lecturer in Psychology

Keri is the co-Director of the Centre for Education in the Criminal Justice System (CECJS) and Principle Investigator of the COVID-19: Global social trust and mental health study, an online survey on the impacts of COVID-19 on mental health and social trust, which is feeding into UK policy recommendations and briefings.

Daire Collins

Film Director (New Yorker magazine, BBC Reel, Channel 4 News)

Matt Diegan

Award-winning Producer (Earthling)