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VIRTUAL EVENT: School inspection across the UK report launch

22 March 2021, 4:00 pm–5:30 pm

Teacher and students learning in class. Image: Kirsten Holt for UCL

This webinar, chaired by Dr Dana Dabbous (Education & Policy Researcher), will launch the report commissioned by The Edge Foundation comparing school inspections across the UK.

This event is free.

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Bernie Munoz

(Note: due to unforeseen circumstances, the event was moved from the 17 February to the 22 March 2021).

This webinar will present the main findings of the study focusing on: 

  • the theory of change of the four inspectorates of education in the UK
  • stakeholders’ views of, and experiences with, inspections.

Exploring and comparing the inspection regimes in the four countries of the UK is timely because whilst each country has its own system, new inspection frameworks have been recently introduced in England and will shortly be in place in Wales. 

Hence, we need to compare how and under what conditions longstanding and new inspection regimes can lead to change in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.


4 to 4:10pm: Welcome and introductions - Dr Dana Dabbous

4:10 to 4:20pm: Context of the study in the wider academic field - Professor Melanie Ehren (External Advisor), Free University of Amsterdam and Honorary Professor

4:20 to 4:40pm: Main findings of the study - Dr Bernie Munoz (Senior Research Fellow in Education, Department of Learning and Leadership, UCL Institute of Education)

4:40 to 4:55pm: How the study illuminates the Welsh inspection framework - Claire Morgan (Estyn Strategic Director) or Mererid Wyn Williams (Estyn Assistant Director)

4:55 to 5:10pm: Matthew Purves (former Ofsted’s Deputy Director and current Director of Education Services The Academies Enterprise Trust)

5:10 to 5:30pm: Q&A with participants

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Image: Kirsten Holt for UCL

About the Speakers

Dr Bernie Munoz

Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Learning and Leadership at the UCL Institute of Education

Bernie is Principal Investigator on the School inspection across the UK project. Her work focuses on school effectiveness, school improvement and accountability research fields. 

More about Dr Bernie Munoz

Professor Melanie Ehren

Professor in Educational Governance, Director of the research institute LEARN!, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Honorary Professor at the UCL Institute of Education

Melanie is the External Advisor on the School inspection across the UK project. 

More about Professor Melanie Ehren