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VIRTUAL EVENT: The transition from primary to secondary school under Covid-19

17 June 2021, 2:30 pm–3:10 pm

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Answering your questions about the primary to secondary school transition under Covid-19, in IOE Coffee Breaks.

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Kate Thomas

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Young children typically anticipate and experience the move from primary to secondary school with equal measures of excitement and trepidation. That is under ‘normal’ circumstances.

Over the past weeks the news headlines have been focused on those leaving the schools system and their tumultuous exams season. But what about those who have moved up to secondary school without all the usual rituals and support? And how have teachers worked around the restrictions of lockdown and social distancing to help those young people get to grips with new routines, curricula and ways of teaching and learning?

We’ve brought together colleagues currently researching these very issues to share what they’ve learnt and respond to your experiences and questions about the primary to secondary transition.

Join us to put your questions to our panellists, Professor Eleanore Hargreaves and Dr Jane Perryman.


About the Speakers

Professor Eleanore Hargreaves

Professor of Learning and Pedagogy at UCL Institute of Education (IOE)

Professor Eleanore Hargreaves
Eleanore is the Academic Head of Research for the Department of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment at the IOE. Her main research interest is children’s experiences of schooling and how these reflect educational policy, both nationally and globally.  She has done a lot of educational work with primary school children in Egypt. She is author of the book ‘Children’s experiences of classrooms’ (Sage, 2017) and co-author of ‘The SAGE handbook of learning’ (Sage, 2015). 

She is currently running a longitudinal research study in which she constructs children’s life-histories in schooling from Year 3 to Year 7, focusing on those children who struggle most with maths and English. She is also part of the team in the Wellcome-funded Moving Up project, which explores how children have experienced transition to secondary school during the Pandemic.

More about Professor Eleanore Hargreaves

Dr Jane Perryman

Associate Professor at UCL Institute of Education (IOE)

Dr Jane Perryman
Jane’s current area of research looks into how policy effects the professional lives of teachers. At present, she is researching issues around accountability, performativity and inspection, policy enactment more generally, and has recently completed a project on teacher retention.

Prior to joining the IOE, Jane was a social science teacher and head of department for 10 years before moving into Higher Education to become a course leader for the PGCE in Social Science, first at Goldsmiths College and then at the IOE.  She then led the MPhil/PhD Research Training Programme. Jane has just completed a five year term as Academic Head of Research for the Department of Curriculum Pedagogy and Assessment. She was also Department Graduate Tutor (responsible for doctoral supervision) and has recently taken up the post of Faculty Graduate Tutor.

More about Dr Jane Perryman

Chair: Dr Sandra Leaton Gray

Associate Professor of Education at UCL Institute of Education (IOE)

Dr Sandra Leaton Gray, IOE
Sandra is an applied sociology of education specialist and has published extensively on issues of education professionalism, professional training, education policy, the knowledge economy, curriculum, biometrics and children, artificial intelligence in education and conceptions of time in education.

She has served as an education consultant and advisor to national and international organisations including the UK Government, the European Commission, the International Baccalaureate Organisation and the UK's Royal Colleges of Medicine. Sandy is currently directing the My Life Online research project, investigating young people and their social media algorithms.

Prior to joining the IOE, she held posts at the Universities of East Anglia and Cambridge. Her recent publications include Invisibly blighted: the digital erosion of childhood (2017, with Andy Phippen) and Curriculum Reform in the European Schools: Towards a 21st Century Vision (2018, with David Scott and Peeter Mehisto).

More about Chair: Dr Sandra Leaton Gray