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VIRTUAL EVENT: Education futures in action

03 July 2021–04 July 2021, 9:45 am–5:00 pm

Secondary school pupils raising their hands in class. Image: Phil Meech for UCL Institute of Education

This event is a partnership between States of Mind and the UCL Institute of Education. The conference will show how the English education system impacts young people and present actionable alternatives to the educational status quo.

This event is free.

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Vivian Hill

Talks will be led by a range of education innovators from England and abroad, including young people, teachers, academics and other change makers. 

Some are innovating within the current school system, others are re-envisioning and enacting ways of educating that promote consent, democracy, self-determination and the celebration of diversity. 

Evidence is clear: the English education system is underpinned by ideologies that promote coercion, standardisation and segregation. This conference will show how it is possible to do things differently. 

Please join us for this event and take part in this movement.


  • Chris Bagley - Educational Psychologist, Lecturer and Tutor at the UCL Institute of Education and Director of Research at States of Mind
  • Luke Billingham - Youth Worker and innovator at REACH Education
  • Sophie Christophy - CEO of Phoenix Education, co-founder of The Cabin (self-directed, consent and rights-based education setting)
  • Kenneth Gergen - world leading proponent of social construction theory, technology and cultural change, the self, and relational practices
  • Scherto Gill - Senior Fellow at GHFP Research Institute and Associate Lecturer at the University of Sussex
  • Ella Gregory - young person with experience of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and co-creator of States of Mind’s new course, Selfology
  • Bea Herbert - Founder and Director at States of Mind
  • Victoria Hirst - PhD student (looking at holistic education) at the Manchester Institute for Education
  • Tumi Ogundamisi, Christevie Ngoma and Reegan Mason - student innovators, States of Mind's Breaking the Silence phase 2 participants (Impact of schooling on identity / mental health)
  • David Rodriguez - Professor of Special Education at the University of Lisbon
  • Yoni Suissa - Maths and Philosophy Teacher at School 21
  • Student group from 'Changemakers'.


Image: Phil Meech for UCL Institute of Education