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VIRTUAL EVENT: Race, ethnicity, cultural capital, and lived experience in international education

26 January 2021, 2:00 pm–3:00 pm

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In this webinar, Dr Solomon Zewolde will discuss research on the lived experiences of Black African International Students in UK higher education.

This event is free.

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While there is a relatively significant amount of research on Asian international students. By comparison, there is a lack of research literature on the experiences of Black African International Students (BAIS) in UK higher education. 

This research attempted to fill in this gap by exploring the lived experiences of a specific group of BAIS from English-speaking Sub-Saharan African countries. The study explored the stories of 21 BAIS studying in 10 universities, located in eight English cities.

Using theoretical tools from Bourdieu and Critical Race Theory (CRT), this study explored how previous education, along with ‘race’ and ethnicity, positioned BAIS as racialised ‘others’ and shaped their lived experiences. 


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About the Speaker

Dr Solomon Zewolde

Part-time Lecturer at the University of East London and UCL

Soloman holds a PhD in Race and Higher Education from the UCL Institute of Education. Prior to that, Solomon has been an educator, a researcher, and an academic administrator in both public and private universities in Ethiopia.

His current research interests include critical internationalisation studies, the international student experience, the attainment gap in higher education, and the exploration of how ‘race’, ethnicity, habitus, and cultural capital interact to shape both experiences and outcomes for black students’ in higher education.