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VIRTUAL EVENT: Domestic students and internationalisation of Malaysian higher education

07 January 2021, 2:00 pm–3:00 pm

Students from Malaysian university. Image: Wan San Yip via Unsplash

This webinar discusses current developments in Malaysia with regard to internationalisation of higher education, and presents a study on the perception of domestic students on internationalisation in a Malaysian public research university.

This event is free.

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Centre for Global Higher Education

The international student population is seen as an important economic contributor for Malaysia. The State is committed to the cause, through the launch of policies and sector-specific strategies that address internationalisation as an important agenda for the country. 

Based on available data on international student mobility, Malaysia is doing considerably well in attracting students from specific regions of the world. There is also distinctive differentiation between the type of international students recruited into public and private higher education institutions. 

However, little is known on how domestic students perceive internationalisation. It also remains unclear whether domestic students experience a heightened sense of global citizenship as a result of their international exposure on campus.

Through focus group discussions, respondents discussed the presence of international students and the lessons learnt from their experience. 

Findings of the study provide insights on the ways in which higher education institutions should be more inclusive of domestic students in strategies for institutional internationalisation.


  • Doria Abdullah, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)


Image: Wan San Yip via Unsplash