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VIRTUAL EVENT: What if… we wanted more effective school improvement?

22 October 2020, 5:45 pm–6:45 pm

IOE public debates - school improvement

After several decades of searching for the ‘silver bullet’, are we any further in understanding school improvement and achieving higher and greater consistency of standards across schools?

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Kate Thomas

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For several decades, ‘school improvement’ and ‘raising standards’ have been high on the education policy agenda.

But here, too, the prescriptions have evolved – from national initiatives to school-led efforts, and from a mantra that teacher quality is all, to a greater acknowledgment that leadership and management (and funding, and an evidence base for practice) also matter.  

Sat alongside the research evidence are the real life examples – some where the performance of schools has been transformed, but some where numerous interventions have failed to shift the dial.  

With the impact of Covid-19 on schools still very much in evidence, the immediate context for school improvement now looks very different, at once posing its own challenges to standards and disrupting the existing infrastructure for monitoring schools’ performance.

Have the recent disruptions opened up a different kind of debate on supporting standards and schools?

Join us to hear our panel’s reflections on what school improvement could and should look like for the coming year and over the longer-term.


  • Leora Cruddas, CEO, Confederation of School Trusts (CST)
  • Tim Brighouse, Educator
  • Lucy Heller, Chief Executive, Ark
  • Chair: Ann Mroz, Editor and Digital Publishing Director, Tes

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