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VIRTUAL EVENT: Mental health, philosophy, and the education of expression

17 June 2020, 3:00 pm–4:30 pm

Person holding in notebook. Image: Polina Zimmerman via Pexels

Dr Emma Williams explores the notion of human expressiveness and its relation to contemporary discussions of mental health in education.

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Alison Brady

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In this webinar, Dr William uses Stanley Cavell’s review of a text by child psychoanalyst Adam Phillips as starting point to explore this topic.

Cavell’s Wittgensteinian philosophy of language and therapeutic practices of psychoanalysis (instigated by Freud) come close in calling attention to the expressive in language. They redefine the inner-outer relation and reformulate the shape of human disorders and pathologies. 

In this light, Dr William will discuss the limitations in contemporary (psychologised) approaches to ‘becoming mentally healthy’ in education and explore an alternative conception involving the recovery of talking.


Image: Polina Zimmerman via Pexels

About the Speaker

Dr Emma Williams

Associate Professor of Education at Warwick University

Emma's first book 'The Ways We Think: From the Straits of Reason to the Possibilities of Thought', drew on Ryle, Heidegger, Austin and Derrida to argue for a new approach to thinking in education.

She has co-edited, with Liam Gearon, special issues on the themes of ‘Philosophy, Literature and Education’ (JOPE) and ‘Writers and their Education’ (BJEdSt). She is currently working on monograph provisionally titled 'Coetzee and the Fiction of Education’ and on a project on ‘Mental Health, Education and Therapeutic Philosophy’ (funded by a PESGB/British Academy Small Grant).