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Mind the gap – introducing NISSEM Global Briefs

08 January 2020, 5:30 pm–7:30 pm

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CEID welcomes Matthew Jukes, Margaret Sinclair & Andy Smart to present in the Education in Conflict and Emergencies Seminar Series.

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Tejendra Pherali


Elvin Hall
UCL Institute of Education
20 Bedford Way

This seminar will examine how to scale up responses to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 4.7 as well as social and emotional learning (SEL) that supports it. It focuses on a noteworthy gap - the limited attention paid to how textbooks and other educational materials can provide structured support to over-taxed teachers who are asked to address SEL and 4.7 themes in low-resource, traditional and crisis-affected settings.

NISSEM.org - a new collaborative engaging with this issue, has recently published an open-access volume of 42 briefs by practitioners and academics, as well as editorial commentary. This also has inputs from a total of 66 contributors (NISSEM.org/globalbriefs). In this seminar, three Global Briefs editors and contributors will present this rich new resource.

The volume explores the combining of innovative SEL and 4.7-content and structured pedagogy with examples from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Rwanda and elsewhere. There will be inputs from young people, school leavers and teachers with a focus on the need to be context-responsive.

To generate impactful innovative materials, textbook writers who are unfamiliar with SEL and SDG 4.7 themes will need training and coaching. They will draw on materials which should be built into the funding for textbook development.

The seminar will include a presentation from Matthew Jukes (RTI) on cultural differences in social and emotional learning. Andy Smart (textbook and publishing expert, and IARTEM Board Member) will present an integrated model of supportive pedagogy and content. Margaret Sinclair will link the model to SDG 4.7 and associated goals such as social cohesion, looking at issues of conflict prevention and response. The panel will consider the next steps and invite contributions from the audience.


About the Speakers

Matthew Jukes

Matthew is an expert in evaluation, international education, and child development. He has two decades of academic and professional experience in evaluating education projects, particularly in early-grade literacy interventions and the promotion of learning through better health.

His research addresses culturally relevant approaches to the assessment of social and emotional competencies in Tanzania, improving pedagogy through an understanding of the cultural basis of teacher-child interactions, frameworks to improve evidence-based decision-making and methods to set reading proficiency benchmarks.

Margaret Sinclair

Margaret Sinclair is a consultant on education in emergencies, conflict-sensitive education policies, learning to live together and SDG Target 4.7. She is an independent consultant with a record of contribution to the establishment of the field of education in emergencies.

Margaret now has a particular interest in conflict-sensitive education policies and teaching of relevant SDG Target 4.7 themes, especially the steps of conflict resolution.

Andy Smart

Andy is an education and publishing consultant with a background in teaching and educational and children’s publishing. He specialises in textbook policy, planning and development as well as in English and Arabic-medium primary curriculum, children’s reading and children’s books.

He has drafted national textbook policies and carried out a pan-Asia textbook policy study for the Asian Development Bank. He is also a co-convener of NISSEM and co-editor of NISSEM Global Briefs.