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Education on the verge of a nervous breakdown: Kierkegaard on becoming a self

05 February 2020, 5:30 pm–7:15 pm


In her seminar, Erin Plunkett will explore how Kierkegaard’s textual methods relate to his understanding of self and the relevance of the breakdown for teaching practice.

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Alison Brady

Kierkegaard wrote extensively about communication, especially the Socratic question of whether truth can be taught. Kierkegaard’s texts offer multiple figures and models of communication, including an erotic model that focuses on the educative potential of seduction and rejection. It also follows a Christian model in which offence plays a key role.

Common to these is an effort to bring about new ways of seeing by promoting a breakdown in self-understanding, with the disorientation and anxiety the word suggests.


About the Speaker

Erin Plunkett

Lecturer in Philosophy and Religious Studies at University of Hertfordshire

Erin Plunkett is a lecturer in Philosophy and Religious Studies at the University of Hertfordshire. She is the author of ‘A Philosophy of the Essay’ and the editor of a forthcoming English translation of selected writings of Jan Patočka. Her current project explores the role of possibility in the writings of Kierkegaard and Patočka.