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Multimodality and teacher education: Ιnvestigating and promoting visual literacy practices

5:00 pm to 6:30 pm, 18 June 2019

Teacher and students learning in class

How can teachers teach their students to read images when they themselves have not been taught how to do so?

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Centre for Multimodal Research


Room 803
UCL Institute of Education (IOE)
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Over the last twenty years, the widespread production and use of multimodal texts in educational settings, as well as advances in communication technologies, has prompted educators to consider ways to address these changes through their educational practices.

However, few in-service teachers are able to teach their students how to read both image and writing, while pre-service teachers receive little training in multimodal communication so as to teach their students to make meanings from multimodal texts.

Dr Vânia Soares Barbosa (Assistant Professor at the Department of Foreign Language, Federal University of Piauí, Brazil) and Dr Maria Zenaide Valdivino da Silva (Professor of English Language and Teaching, State University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil) share findings from two different projects that focused on the visual literacy practices of in-service and pre-service English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers in Brazil.

Both projects explored how the EFL teachers engage with image and text in their educational practice. One of the projects further explored the impact that training in multimodality and reading images can have on how teachers incorporate visual literacy as part of learning.

The presenters argue that investing in teachers’ training in visual literacy and multimodality is key in preparing them to work in the contemporary education and communication landscapes.