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Research presentations - East China Normal University

12 December 2019, 2:30 pm–4:00 pm

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Colleagues from the National Institutes of Educational Policy Research at East China Normal University will be visiting the IOE to present their research.

This event is free.

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Room 642
UCL Institute of Education
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There will be four presentations:

1. Professional Development of Teachers in Special Education Schools in China: Report from a National Survey

by Professor Fuyi Yang

This study explores the characteristics of Chinese special education teachers including:

  • knowledge of and participation in related services
  • expectations for in-service training
  • motivation to be a special education teacher.

3,485 participants including special education school teachers across nine provinces in China were included in this study.

2. Exploring Technology as a Tool for Effective Kindergarten Teachers’ Collaborative Reflection — An Action Research Approach

by Professor Jiang Yong

This study explores the obstacles Chinese kindergarten teachers faced within traditional collaborative reflection in the collectivist cultural context and tried to overcome constraints by introducing three technology tools:

  • Minute Paper Method
  • Six Thinking Hats model
  • 360° Reflection Method.

3. Analysis on Universities’ Development of Urban Agglomeration in the Yangtze River Delta from the Perspective of Urban Innovation Ecosystem

by Dr Tongwei Xie

Throughout the history of the three major technological innovation cities in New York, London and Tokyo - universities have played a significant role in the innovation-driven development of these cities. There are still gaps in the Chinese universities in terms of serving economic and social development and promoting urban innovation - especially at the Yangtze River Delta. This study adopts the econometric model, such as dynamic panel and regional convergence and case analysis.

4. Self-abandonment or Seeking an Alternative Way Out: Understanding Chinese Rural Migrant Children’s Resistance to Schooling

by Dr Jiaxin Chen

Migrant children have become a significant component of the expanding migrant population in China. Researchers have found that these rural migrant children are more likely to fail in their schooling and be tracked into vocational schools or into the manual labour market. 

This study categorises migrant children’s school resistance into three patterns, based on their rationale for school behaviours:

  • conformist learner
  • education abandoner
  • nascent transformative resister.

About the Speakers

Fuyi Yang

Professor at Department of Special Education and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Education at East China Normal University

Fuyi holds a Master's degree in Special Education and a Doctoral degree in Cognitive Psychology. His research interests include psychology and education for children with special needs, social and cognitive development, teacher professional development and research methodology in education.

Jiang Yong

Professor of the Department of Early Childhood and Deputy Director of Academic Degree Evaluation Committee at Faculty of Education at East China Normal University

Jiang Yong also serves as Program External Examiner of Bachelor of Early Childhood and Chinese Language Education of Singapore University of Social Sciences, Editor and Member of Editorial Review Committee of Journal of Research in Childhood Education. She has published around 120 peer-reviewed journal articles in top Chinese journals and led four projects funded by the Ministry of Education.

Tongwei Xie

Associate Professor of the National Institutes of Educational Policy Research at East China Normal University

Tongwei holds a Doctoral degree in Regional Economics. His research interests include education and regional economic development, education and technology innovation and education policy. He is the co-author of more than 20 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Jiaxin Chen

Post-Doctoral Fellow at the National Institutes of Educational Policy Research at National Institutes of Educational Policy Research at East China Normal University

Jiaxin Chen holds a Master's degree and Doctoral degree in Sociology of Education from the University of Hong Kong. She has worked at the Beijing Normal University and National Working Committee in China for the UNESCO Project on Education for Sustainable Development. Jiaxin's research interests include educational equity, migration culture, and citizenship education.