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What if... we wanted our kids to be happier?

01 October 2018, 5:45 pm–7:00 pm

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Young people’s poor well-being has hit headlines this year, with talk of crisis and a lot of soul-searching about why many children seem to be unhappy. We've brought together a panel of experts to share their views.

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Thankfully, serious mental health problems remain comparatively rare and it’s important to remember that childhood and the teenage years, in particular, have always been a difficult time of transition. But something else seems to be going on today, from an earlier age. 
Blame has been laid at the door of many things – from neoliberalism, to social media, to excessive testing in schools. What's changed to impact on young people’s well-being to such an extent, and what can schools, parents and carers, and policy makers – do about it? Are we doing enough, early on enough, to respond to modern-day pressures – whether through mental health training for pupils or mental health first aid training for teachers?

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