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Re-claiming the mission of the Civic University in the 21st century

03 October 2018, 5:30 pm–7:00 pm

Female stressed over work

This seminar will explore how the civic is being re-invented within the current policy discourse and will begin a debate about whether the needs of communities will be better served in this new environment of 'impact' and 'value for money'.

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Alison Peacock


Room 828
20 Bedford Way
United Kingdom

The history of the civic university is well documented. Since the introduction of fees and markets in higher education in the UK many aspects of community involvement have been swept away; part time study has been decimated and staff in universities have focused on current undergraduate student need and demands.

As the current funding model for higher education has been questioned there is a stronger policy concern over ‘value for money’ in higher education and increasingly the role of universities as anchor institutions is being promoted as a different form of value for money for 'tax payers' in addition to value for money for students or graduates.


This event is open and free for all to attend. However, those wishing to attend need to email Alison Peacock (alison.peacock@ucl.ac.uk) to register.


About the Speaker

Professor Mary Stuart, CBE

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lincoln

She is a graduate of the University of Cape Town and the Open University where she obtained her Doctorate in Social Policy in 1998. Her research interests are focussed on life histories, social mobility, higher education students, leadership in 21st Century organisations, place-making, economic and community development.