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Teachers and the Global Learning Programme: engagement and impact

20 November 2018, 5:00 pm–6:30 pm

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This seminar reports on some of the findings from the Global Learning Programme – England, particularly in relation to teacher engagement with the programme and its impact on their practice.

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Kester Muller


London International Development Centre (LIDC)
36 Gordon Square

Dr Frances Hunt and Dr Clare Bentall will draw on quantitative and qualitative data from the programme to highlight the benefits, issues and challenges for teachers, and discuss research on global citizenship teacher education across Europe.

The Global Learning Programme (GLP) was a UK-wide initiative that aimed to offer young people the opportunity to learn about the world around them. Dr Bentall and Dr Hunt were both involved in Development Education Research Centre (DERC) research work on the GLP and plan to summarise their work on the programme as well as highlight the benefits, issues and challenges for teachers. There will be a discussion session after their presentation. 

The seminar is aimed at students, researchers, academics and practitioners involved or interested in global education. 


About the Speakers

Dr Clare Bentall

Lecturer in Education at UCL Institute of Education

Dr Bentall has experience of teaching in HE in the UK and overseas. Her specific interests are in training or educating others to facilitate learning in various settings: overseas in developing countries, within the Development Education sector in the UK, and within Higher and Professional Education.

More about Dr Clare Bentall

Dr Fran Hunt

Senior Research Officer at UCL Institute of Education

Dr Hunt's research focuses on topics such as citizenship, global citizenship education, global learning and development education. She is also interested in democracy in schools, human rights and student's voice. 

More about Dr Fran Hunt