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Living data: place, presence and privacy in a mobile world

06 June 2018, 6:30 pm–7:30 pm

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As smartphone users, we share snippets of our daily lives with our loved ones and broader public through various mobile communication practices. We leave traces of ourselves - how, where and with whom we used to be, or what we used to do - and contribute to the generation of 2.5 quintillion Bytes of data every day.

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Darwin Building, UCL
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United Kingdom

Some of this data has geospatial references, i.e. location data, providing information on where people and things are located in real-time.

This timely session will consider the implications of location data in relation to the systems of mobility which evolve with real-time connectivity and locational tracking. We'll reflect on how location data affects our privacy, and our sense of place, presence and memory.

About the speaker

Dr Didem Ozkul is a lecturer at the UCL Knowledge Lab, part of the Department of Culture, Communication and Media at the UCL Institute of Education.

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