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Visionary Women and Visible Children, England 1900-1920

1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, 01 August 2018

Suffragettes and children

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Seminar Room, 18 Woburn Square, UCL Institute of Education, London WC1H 0NS

In this seminar, Professor Berry Mayall will consider the work feminist and socialist women did, in the early twentieth century, to improve the social status and lived experiences not just of women but of children.

Now that all English children were visible as school children, the time had come to attend to their health and welfare and to improve their social status more generally.  Mayall juxtaposes women's work with the work children themselves did, as members of struggling families, and with their experiences of elementary school.

It is no accident that both women and children gained better social status in the immediate post-war years. This study thus rewrites the history of the early twentieth century women's movement; and reconsiders the salience of formal schooling and family responsibilities in the lives of children.

This event is open and free for all to attend. Registration is not required.

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About the speaker

Berry Mayall is Professor of Childhood Studies at the UCL Institute of Education. She has worked on many studies of childhood, and written extensively - probably her best known book is Towards a Sociology for Childhood (2002). In 2003, with Priscilla Alderson, she started an MA in the Sociology of Childhood and Children's Rights, which continues  to flourish at the Institute, attracting students from across the world. Her most recent book Visionary Women and Visible Children, England 1900-1920: Childhood and the Women's Movement was published by Palgrave Macmillan.



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