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Conference: Research, evidence and policy learning for global education

9:00 am, 10 May 2017 to 4:00 pm, 11 May 2017

The earth connected by international links

This conference was organised by the Development Education Research Centre (DERC) within the UCL Institute of Education (IOE), and the Global Education Network Europe (GENE), and was also supported by the Erasmus+ Project Schools for Future Youth.

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Development Education Research Centre (DERC)


UCL Institute of Education
20 Bedford Way
United Kingdom

The overall aim of the conference was to demonstrate the contribution of evidence based research to policy development on global education. The specific objectives were:

  • Share research from models of practice that demonstrate innovative approaches to global education.
  • Promote current research on global education and how it can be of value to policy makers.
  • Identify key themes and issues that policy-makers see as key to the development of global education.
  • To officially launch the Academic Network for Global Education and Learning.

The conference was aimed at academics and researchers engaged with global education across Europe and beyond and policy-makers responsible for funding or supporting global education programmes.

Videos from the conference

Welcome and introductions

Dr Douglas Bourn, Co-Director of DERC

The value of evidence-based research for global citizenship education

Keynote address from Lydia Ruprecht, Head of Global Citizenship Education Programme at UNESCO

Evidence and efficacy - a compulsion for global education?

Keynote address from Professor Annette Scheunpflug (Bamberg University)

Global education in Europe comparative perspective: epistemology, methodology and politics

Keynote address from Dr April Biccum (National University of Australia, Canberra)

Programme and presentation materials

Any available materials relating to presentations are listed below in the order seen on the programme - please note that some sessions did not yield any published materials so please do check the programme itself for details.

Session 1: Value of research
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Welcome and IntroductionsDr Douglas Bourn (DERC, IOE)
Introductory Remarks from Chair of Global Education Network Europe

Liam Weigmont (GENE)

Keynote: The value of evidence-based research for global citizenship education Lydia Ruprecht (UNESCO)
Keynote: Evidence and efficacy - a compulsion for global education? Professor Annette Scheunpflug (Bamberg University)
Keynote: Global education in Europe comparative perspective: epistemology, methodology and politicsDr April Biccum (National University of Australia, Canberra)
Session 2: Research from policy and practice
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Strand 1: Schools for Future Youth Project   
Introduction to the aims of the projectNicci Morgan (Oxfam UK)
Impact of the project on teachers and learnersDr Frances Hunt (IOE)
Strand 2: Global Schools Project 
Joint presentation:
Carla Inguaggiato (Training Centre for International Cooperation)
La Salete Coelho (Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo)
Benjamin Mallon (IOE and Dublin City University)
Strand 3: From Policy to Practice  
What if evaluation takes place seated around the table whilst enjoying a drink? - A longitudinal in-depth case study within an English Development Education CentreDr Joana Zozimo (Lancaster University)
Lessons learned from the process of elaboration of the Valencian Development Education StrategyAlejandra Boni (The Technical University of Valencia) 
From policy change to impact a global education of development education and awareness - A case study of the management of the Norwegian Oil FundArnfinn Nygaard (RORG, Norway)
Launch event: ANGEL network


Academic network on global education and learning (ANGEL) 
Talk by Douglas Bourn and Massimiliano Tarozzi
About the ANGEL network 
Session 3: Evidence Based Research
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Strand 1: Global Learning in Schools  
Impact of Global Learning Programme in EnglandDr Frances Hunt (IOE)
Can Global Learning raise standards within pupils' writing in the primary phaseLinda Barker (Freelance consultant)
Use of classroom-based action research in India to generate and evaluate innovative approaches to global education

Dr Angela Cook (AMC Education)

Rural Development Education AgendaCarmen Duce, Esther Doménech, María Carracedo, Luis J. Miguel and Luis Pérez (International Cooperation for Development Watch, University of Valladolid)
Health impacts of climate change in Egypt: a curriculum for human flourishingDima Khazem (IOE)
Negotiating Understandings and Practice in Global Citizenship Education Between Teacher Education and SchoolsAndrea Bullivant (Liverpool Hope University)
Strand 2: International Education and Global Citizenship   


Review of Connecting Classrooms

Stephen Hull (British Council)
International Mindedness in diverse contexts: reaching out and reaching inElisabeth Barratt Hacking (University of Bath)
Imaginery of global citizenship in Greek schoolsMaria Bastaki (University of Birmingham)
A comparative case study: How have the high school teachers equipped students with global skills and ethical values in private and public schools in Vietnam?Martin Khiet Pham (IOE)
Developing 21st century skills in schools in Pakistan: A case studyAamna Pasha, Ajay Pinjani, Ali Bijani, Naveed Yousuf (Aga Khan University Examination Board, Pakistan)
Development education or global learning? Evidence from Spanish schoolsAdelina Calvo (University of Cantabria)
Strand 3: One of Higher Education   
Non-formal global learning in higher education - student-led learning outcomesEleanor Brown (University of York)
Evidence, interpretation and ethos: (re)thinking internationalisations of higher education - lessons from the Ethics in Higher Education (in Times of Crisis) (EIHE) cross-national research projectKaren Pashby (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Su-Ming Khoo (National University of Ireland, Galway)
Development education synergies: learnings and challenges of collaborative processesLa Salete Coelho (University of Oporto and Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo
Connecting Communities: exploring the global learning journeys of university students and community partners in Cork and LesothoGertrude Cotter (University of Cork)