IOE - Faculty of Education and Society



Study topics such as education, inequality, poverty and social mobility and gain an understanding of the social and economic forces shaping our world.

The Social Research Institute offers a mix of social science disciplines, including sociology and psychology. Together with our extensive training in mixed research methods, you can gain insight into real-world, global issues.

We offer:

  • A broad-based education in the social sciences (including sociology, psychology, politics and economics) through the study of topics such as education, migration, social inequalities and social mobility (Social Sciences BSc).
  • A course that combines insights from the social sciences with rigorous training in the skills of quantitative data analysis (Social Sciences with Data Science BSc).
  • Blending local and global sociological perspectives to examine contemporary social issues and transformations, ranging from environmental risks and climate change, to inequalities, and the impacts of new technologies (Sociology BSc).

Programme details: