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COVID-19: Global social trust and mental health

This research project investigated the short and long-term effects of COVID-19 on individual's social trust in relationships, mental and physical health.

The project, which launched on 17 April 2020, explored the impact that COVID-19 is having on our lives.

This was a multi-site study involving UCL and three other universities (University of Pennsylvania, Nanyang Technological University, University of Trento), to allow us to compare the UK's lockdown experience with the experiences in other countries where they have adopted different COVID guidelines.

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This study helped us develop best practices to support individuals and their family.

The longitudinal design of the study also helped inform government policies, healthcare services, schools and universities on new ways to rebuild our communities moving forward.


Principal Investigator 


  • Professor Adrian Raine (University of Pennsylvania, USA)


  • Dr Gianluca Esposito (University of Trento and Nanyang Technological University)
  • Dr Jill Portnoy (School of Criminology and Justice Studies, University of Massachusetts Lowell)
  • Dr Wang Yi (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing China)

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