Institute of Education


International Conference on Education and Democratic Citizenship (ICEDC)

Developing and sustaining a research programme in the interdisciplinary fields of citizenship, education and democracy


  • Facilitate research programmes in the interdisciplinary fields of citizenship, education and democracy including education for democratic citizenship and human rights education (EDC / HRE) and children's rights in education addressing national, European and international levels across all phases of education (early years, compulsory, post-compulsory, higher, adult, initial and continuing teacher education).
  • Organise an annual research based conference and offer seminars, colloquia and lectures to develop scholarly exchange.
  • Encourage participation of graduate and doctoral students in initiating and organising the ICEDC programme.
  • Support conference and ICEDC participants to publish their research in academic and professional journals.
  • Undertake such other activities as are compatible with promoting the ethos and the realisation of democracy and human rights.
    Our staff


    Professor Hugh Starkey (UCL Institute of Education)
    Professor Audrey Osler, Visiting Professor (Birkbeck)

    Steering group

    Iman Azzi
    Mano Candappa
    MiCheong Cheong
    Germ Janmaat
    Tristan McCowan
    Ioanna Noula (LSE)
    Farid Panjwani
    Kerim Sen

    More information about our researchers, publications, activities, groups and themes can be found on the UCL Research Portal, IRIS.


    The International Centre for Education and Democratic Citizenship (ICEDC) was created in 2006 as a joint international research centre with Birkbeck. It hosted an ESRC seminar series and a major EU funded project for developing citizenship education in Lebanon. It has also hosted an annual conference since 2006 and incorporates the IOE Citizenship Education special interest group (SIG).

    Following the merger of the IOE with UCL, the link to Birkbeck ceased and ICEDC changed its name to International Conference on Education and Democratic Citizenship.

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