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Research activities

Art, Design and Museology (ADM) has a rich research culture that has praxis at its core.

Research is often, but not exclusively, allied to the promotion of professional and theoretical change across educational cultures in schools, art colleges, museums, galleries and heritage sites.


ADM's academic staff publish/present their research in academic and professional journals, edited collections, books, art exhibitions and related catalogues.

Cultural activities

Staff contribute regularly to public-facing cultural activities: lobbying and advocacy, programming and curating, sitting on committees and juries, organising conferences in order to shape cultural and educational debates. 

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Lectures and seminars

Lectures, seminars and tutorials are informed by staff and student diversity and a commitment to meaningful international cultural exchange.

Research seminars

We hold regular research seminars that include presentations from practitioners, theorists, educators, and museum and gallery professionals that provide MPhil/PhD students and tutors with opportunities to present their work-in-progress.

Such seminars and exhibitions are open to all students (PGCE, MA, EdD, MPhil, and PhD) and academic staff both within and beyond IOE.

Seminar series

'We Need to Talk About This…'

A seminar series that seeks to increase opportunities for art educators to discuss practices across institutions and qualifications frameworks.

Recent seminars include:

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  • Kieren Reed (Head of Undergraduate Studies at UCL Slade School of Fine Art)


Journal Schooling and Culture

A new journal concerned with secondary education

The journal recognises a critical need for collective action towards models of avant-garde political methodologies in the classroom.

Schooling & Culture supports future generations to develop powerful, self-led practices of resistance and alternatives to those imposed by the state and the private sector.

Journal co-editor

Journal of Visual Culture

An international peer-reviewed journal that enables and shapes Visual Culture Studies and the study of visual cultures by publishing contributions by academics, artists and curators, educators, and museum and gallery professionals.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Since 2000



Lecturers lead purposeful research projects often within public educational settings that have access, inclusion and social change as their remit. These include:

Child Language Brokering

Spaces of identity belonging and mediators of cultural knowledge

A project that investigates the practices of young interpreters (aka child language brokers).

Child language brokers

These are children or young people who translate or interpret on behalf of adult family members, siblings or peers who do not speak the local language.


This project brings together a unique combination of researchers, including Dr Claire Robins, language networks and artists to raise the visibility of young interpreters by researching, documenting, promoting understanding, and enhancing the awareness of their practices.

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Kids in Museums

An organisation that works with museums to help them welcome and include families, teenagers, and children.

Special Projects Director




The lead advocacy and training network for gallery education

It supports arts educators, organisations and artists to work together with communities in dynamic, open exchanges that give everyone the opportunity to learn and benefit from the arts.

Editorial board

      Group for Education in Museums

      The Group for Education in Museums (GEM) champions excellence in heritage learning to improve the education, health and well-being of the general public.

      The organisation, as the voice of heritage learning, believes that involvement with our rich and diverse heritage is an enriching and transformational experience that provides distinctive opportunities for learning.

      It aims to make that learning accessible, relevant and enjoyable for all.


        • Jenny Wedgbury, co-convener for GEM London Group for Education in Museums

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