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Restaging Place

Performativity and the camera, Parliament Square recast through social media photography

Judith Brocklehurst

I decided to research Parliament Square after it became a mental and physical roadblock while writing my MA final report (2011). The report described a walk guided by smartphone from The Cenotaph, the symbolic empty Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Whitehall, to the 7/7 Memorial in Hyde Park.

My practice related doctoral study is an occupation rather than a walk. Through the examination, deconstruction and restaging of found Instagram photographs I build up a picture of the contentious historical, political, social aspects of the Square. Contiguously I study the democratic potential and dangers of social-media platforms such as Instagram: virtual public places where communities can be formed, political opinions aired and data harvested.

Main Supervisor: Pam Meecham; Secondary Supervisor: Paul Standish



Instagram: psquare 11