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An Artist's Itinerancy and Localities of Modernisms

Naoko Uchiyama

My research delves into the itinerancy of modernist artists beyond conventional geographical frameworks of art history - i.e. nation and region - and considers its impact on the shifting identities of these artists. Focus is given to the mid-twentieth century works by artist and designer Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988), which he made not only in his primary base of the USA, but also as part of his extensive travels in China, France, Japan, and Mexico; my research questions the popular image of Noguchi as a rootless cosmopolitan artist, and instead considers what ways 'national' and 'ethnic' images were contextually produced and reproduced through his creative processes and the reception of his artworks.

Supervisors: Professor Pam Meecham (main supervisor) and Dr Claire Robins (subsidiary supervisor)