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World-class Educational Technology (EdTech) products and services.

EDUCATE project workshop

EDUCATE is a unique project bringing together entrepreneurs and innovators with academics, researchers and educators, to deliver world-class EdTech products and services.

Experts and funders

EDUCATE is match-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and UCL's partners: UCL Engineering, the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), Nesta and F6S.

This collaboration brings together all the strands of knowledge, experience and expertise needed to produce world-class EdTech.


EDUCATE's mission is to advance the efficacy of educational technology by making the best research evidence and practice accessible for educators, researchers and technology developers.

EdTech products and services

The project enables developers and educators to integrate research evidence, thinking and practice into their products and services to further drive and inform learning and new research.

The primary aims and objectives of the programme are to:

  • work with over 250 EdTech companies, teachers and research entrepreneurs to develop research-informed educational technology products
  • stimulate greater demand for EdTech products and servicesenable researchers to commercialise their studies and evidence
  • increase the research and development investment made by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and create opportunities to work closely with educators and learners to ensure high-impact, effective and marketable technology
  • hold activities and events to leverage research findings for investment and procurement.
Training programme

Our rigorous and comprehensive training programme is designed to help startups, entrepreneurs and educators to develop and improve their products and services with the use of research evidence.


Everyone can benefit from evidence-informed EdTech:

  • learners can become better at learning
  • teachers can become better at teaching
  • researchers can conduct more impactful research, and
  • developers can produce more effective technologies.

Expertise and training

The project works with entrepreneurs from the worlds of business, research and education, providing them with expertise and training in research, business and product development.

Support network

Programme participants also receive mentoring for up to 6 months and membership of an EDUCATE alumni network for continued advice and professional support.

Advisory Group
  • Professor Becky Francis (Chair) - Director, UCL Institute of Education (IOE)
  • Dr Lesley Gourlay - Head of Dept Culture, Communication and Media (IOE)
  • Caroline Wright - Director General, British Educational Supplier's Association
  • Lord Jim Knight - Chief Education Adviser, TES Global
  • Dr. Andrew Morris - Education Media Centre (Chair of Board of Trustees)
  • Alex Waters - Lead for EdTech Policy, Department for Education
  • Jeffrey Thomas - Founding Chairman, Corsham Institute
  • Rebecca Garrod-Waters - Chief Executive Officer, UFI Charitable Trust
  • Tom Hopper - Founder, Third Space Learning
  • Egidus Jarasunas - Founder, F6S
  • James Richardson - Education Endowment Foundation
  • David Grimm- Investment Director - UCL Technology Fund, Albion Capital
  • Nathan Elstub - Chief Investment Officer, Nesta
  • Gary Kynaston- Headteacher, Hammersmith Academy
  • Professor Rose Luckin - Director, EDUCATE (IOE)
  • John Dinnewell - Project Administrator, EDUCATE (IOE)
  • Dayo Ogunmuyiwa - Project Manager, EDUCATE (IOE)
  • Colin Seymour - Project Manager, EDUCATE (IOE)
  • Anissa Moeini - Project Team, EDUCATE (IOE)
  • Sherry Coutu - Educative Chair and Founder, Founders4schools
  • Nick Kind - Senior Vice President Corporate Development at Area9 Group
  • Paul Feldman - JISC
  • Cat Shutt - Director of Education & Research, Chartered College of Teaching
There has never been a more important time to launch a project like EDUCATE. The future of our schools, and those who work and learn in them, depends on the very best EdTech has to offer but this must be underpinned by research and evidence of what works, and how children learn. The pace of change in technology provides exciting opportunities for educators and students alike, and EDUCATE is carving out a place for itself as a global leader in that process. (Tom Hooper, Founder and CEO, Third Space Learning)

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