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Seminar series

The Thomas Coram Research Unit (TCRU) hosts a weekly seminar series, where invited speakers present work of relevance to the research interests of the unit.


Seminars take place on Tuesdays during term-time, 1 - 2pm in the TCRU Library, 27 - 28 Woburn Square, London WC1H 0AL.

Anyone is welcome to attend.

Programme 2019-2020

Spring term

14 January 2020

  • No seminar

21 January 2020

  • No seminar

28 January 2020

  • 'The coloniality of distinction: class, race and whiteness among post-crisis Italian migrants' - Simone Varriale, University of Lincoln

4 February 2020

  • 'Brexit and Family Life' - Katherine Davies, University of Sheffield

11 February 2020

  • No seminar

18 February 2020

  • No seminar

25 February 2020

  • 'Plastics and Childhood' - Peter Kraftl, University of Birmingham

3 March 2020

  • 'Belonging under the fluid conditions of contemporary modernity: A qualitative study of two religion-oriented diasporic communities - the Amish of rural Pennsylvania (USA) and a Jewish community in London (UK)' - Daniella Shaw-Gabay, TCRU

10 March 2020

  • No seminar

17 March 2020

  • 'The Ideal Woman: Female Evangelical Influencers and Social Media Stars' - Katie Gaddini, TCRU

24 March 2020

  • 'Couples balancing work, money and care: exploring the shifting landscape under Universal Credit' - Jane Miller and Rita Griffith, University of Bath

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Previous seminars

2019 - 20

Autumn term

1 October 2019

  • 'Stories of sameness and difference: The views, experiences and outcomes of children and adolescents with a trans or gender non-conforming parent' - Sophie Zadeh and Susan Imrie (Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge)

8 October 2019    

  • No seminar

15 October 2019

  • 'Understanding recurrent care proceedings: Fathers, mothers and family relationships' - Dr Georgia Philip (University of East Anglia)

22 October 2019

  • 'Children’s reasoning about peer rejection and school discrimination: Evidence from Denmark, Saudi Arabia, and the UK' - Dr Harriet Tenenbaum (University of Surrey)

29 October 2019

  • 'What else does researching with Haraway’s successor science make possible in childhood studies?' - Professor Jayne Osgood (Middlesex University)

5 November 2019    

  • No seminar

12 November 2019    

  • No seminar

19 November 2019    

  • 'The Looked-after Children Grown up Project: Early findings on health and social outcomes in adulthood' - Professor Amanda Sacker (UCL)
2018 - 19

Summer term

23 April 2019

  • 'Who are the humans behind the human rights cases? Migration cases from Russia to the European Court of Human Rights' - Dr Agnieszka Kubal (TCRU, UCL Institute of Education)

14 May 2019

  • 2,000 families: identifying the research potential of an origins-of-migration study.    Ayse Guveli (University of Essex)

21 May 2019

  • Professionalising early childhood education and care: workforce equity issues in the European context    Pamela Oberhuemer (TCRU, UCL Institute of Education)

11 June 2019

  • The cultural politics of household sustainability: environmental sustainability research with Somali immigrants in Manchester.    Catherine Walker, Sherilyn MacGregor, and Tally Katz-Gerro (University of Manchester)

18 June 2019

  • Stories of sameness and difference: the views, experiences and outcomes of children and adolescents with a trans or gender non-conforming parent.    Sophie Zadeh and Susan Imrie (University of Cambridge)

25 June 2019

  • Perpetual service innovation without evaluation: challenges to understanding what works for children exposed to domestic violence and abuse.    Emma Howarth (University of Cambridge)

Spring term

15 January 2019

  • 'Understanding and responding to perpetrators of sexual abuse: Perceptions, Prevention, Management and Desistence' - Professor Kieran McCartan (UWE Bristol)

22 January 2019

  • 'Sisters are doing it for themselves: Single Women’s Fertility Options and Reproductive Agency' - Dr Zeynep Gurtin (UCL Womens Health)

29 January 2019

  • 'Leave or remain? EU families in Brexiting Britain' - Dr Nando Sigona (Birmingham University)

19 February 2019

  • 'What difference does money make to young people’s experiences of school meals?' -  PhD Laura Hamilton (TCRU)

26 February 2019

  • 'Hannah Arendt’s concept of “parental responsibility” and the rights of queer children and children of queer parents' - Dr Francesca Ammaturo (Roehampton)

5 March 2019

  • 'Cultural heritage, cultural wellbeing: The psychosocial impact of cultural interventions with marginalised audiences' - Professor Helen Chatterjee (UCL)

19 March 2019

  • ‘Reactive’ or ‘protective’ transnationalism - Dr Victoria Redclift (UCL)

Autumn term

2 October 2018

  • Screening if the film 'Ccàsemo, here we are. Lives on hold in Lampedusa' - Dr Michela Franceschelli (UCL Institute of Education)

16 October 2018

  • 'Visionary women – their work for children and childhood, England, 1900-1920' - Professor Berry Mayall (UCL Institute of Education)

23 October 2018

  • 'Transitions, capabilities and wellbeing: how Afghan unaccompanied young people experience becoming ‘adult’ in the UK and beyond' - Dr Elaine Chase (UCL Institute of Education)

30 October 2018

  • 'The ethics of research with children over time and place: reflections from Young Lives' - Dr Ginny Morrow (UCL Institute of Education)

20 November 2018

  • 'The efficacy and suitability of social isolation and loneliness interventions for older Black and Minority Ethnic individuals living in the UK' - Brenda Hayanga (UCL Institute of Education)

27 November 2018

  • 'In search of ‘stability’: working-class men, masculinity and wellbeing in post-Soviet Russia' - Dr Charlie Walker (University of Southampton)

4 December 2018

  • 'Intimate strangers? Working with intercultural couples' - Dr Renee Singh (Intercultural Couples Centre)
2017 - 18

9 January 2018

  • 'Subjectivity and care in the context of "forced marriage"' - Dr Perveez Mody (Cambridge University)

23 January 2018

  • 'Exploring longitudinal care histories for looked after children using administrative social care data' - Louise McGrath-Lone (UCL)

30 January 2018

  • 'Researching everyone in general practice: IRIS+ domestic violence training and support intervention for general practice clinicians - early findings from a feasibility study' - Dr Eszter Szilassy (Bristol University)

20 February 2018

  • 'Couple-Level Minority Stress and Well-Being of Same-Sex Couples' - Professor Allen LeBlanc (San Francisco State University)

27 February 2018

  • 'A liberated woman, a virtuous wife and good mother to an intensive and full-time mother: Chinese women's recount of their motherhood across three generations' - Xin Guo (UCL Institute of Education)

6 March 2018

  • 'Ethnography of the courtroom - immigration law cases in Russia' - Dr Agnieszka Kubal (UCL Institute of Education)

20 March 2018

  • 'Working-class men in contemporary Russia: inhabiting a 'failed' masculinity' - Dr Charlie Walker (Southampton University)

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