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Social Pedagogy

Social pedagogy applies broadly educational solutions to social problems being often translated as 'education in its broadest sense'.

It combines the concern with upbringing (care, education and wellbeing) with empowerment, and encourages skills in practical and creative activities. It integrates care and education through democratic practice, in settings such as child and youth care, family support and services for people in later life.
Familiar in continental Europe, social pedagogy is now growing in the UK.

Positive impacts

Our research found positive impacts of social pedagogic approaches in relation to looked after children in European countries. This was followed by feasibility and implementation projects in the UK.

Knowledge exchange

Our work includes establishing social pedagogy networks, convening seminars and conferences, providing consultancy, and diverse publications.

Development of social pedagogy in the UK

We have been highly influential in the development of social pedagogy in the UK, alongside with the Centre for Understanding of Social Pedagogy (CUSP), and we host the Social Pedagogy Professional Association (SPPA).

We are currently developing two qualifications in social pedagogy with partners in the wider social pedagogy community.


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