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Migration, Mobility and Diversity

We engage in research about migration, mobility, urban diversity and multicultures.

Researchers at TCRU working on these issues come from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, including anthropology, psychology, sociology, socio-legal and psychosocial studies.

Our studies include:

  • explorations of identity and the migration experiences of families and young people
  • parenting and friendships in super-diverse and mixed class settings
  • transitions to adulthood among ethnic minority youth
  • the intersections of 'race', gender and migration for young people
  • social differentiation among diaspora groups
  • everyday understandings of difference and affinities in urban contexts
  • socio-legal approaches to migration and refugee issues
  • legality, legal consciousness, legal pluralism
  • migrants and refugees' everyday experiences of the law
  • language brokering in transnational families
  • and serial migration.

Migration and Society

Our centre co-hosts the journal Migration and Society, an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal advancing debate about emergent trends in all types of migration.


TCRU researchers working on migration issues collaborate with colleagues across UCL, including The Migration Research Unit (MRU)

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