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SSRU Seminar Series

The SSRU Seminar Series provides a platform for debate across the five broad strands of SSRU's work including:

  1. Childhood, gender and society
  2. Evaluations of social interventions
  3. Sexual health, reproduction and social exclusion
  4. Perspectives, participation and research
  5. Evidence for Policy and Practice

The seminar series hosts speakers who set out methodological advances that progress social science research or share empirical findings that explore human rights, social justice and the development of human potential.

These seminars are free and all are welcome to attend; occasionally they require booking a space in advance. Please click on the link for individual seminars to see booking instructions.


Unless otherwise stated, seminars are held on Wednesdays at 13:00-14:00 on a monthly basis, in Room G1 Seminar Room, 18 Woburn Square, London WC1H 0AL.

2019-2020 seminars

Postponed until further noticeA practical workshop on arts-based techniquesDr Carol Rivas (UCL Institute of Education)

Previous seminars

12 September 2018Can we use art to explore difficult topics in hard to reach groups? Let’s Talk Sugar!Amanda Moore (KCL) and Annie Nicholson (aka The Fandangoe Kid)
3 October 2018Using multilingual learners’ home languages to support academic and linguistic success at schoolHamish Chalmers (Oxford Brookes)
5 December 2018Co-creating a co-creation course to co-create welfareGemma Pearce (Coventry University)
9 January 2019Older LGBT* people: Social network and long-term careDr Ralf Lottmann
6 February 2019

Specimens and chemistry: A creative enquiry on Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) for research

Dr Caroline Sanders (University of Manchester)

3 April 2019

Youth with mental health problems in education and healthcare: the collaborative care model

Professor Elizabeth Talbott (University of Illinois at Chicago)

9 May 2019Constructing social policyDr Marc Bush 
16 July 2019Verbal and nonverbal communication of medically unexplained symptomsAgnieszka Sowińska
6 September 2017Simulation modeling as a method of evidence synthesisDr James Woodcock (University of Cambridge)
11 October 2017Listening to the voices of people with communication disability in Twitter: Implications for inclusive researchAssociate Professor Bronwyn Hemsley (University of Cambridge)
8 November 2017The challenges and opportunities of developing brokerage at scaleProfessor Jonathan Sharples (UCL Institute of Education)
6 December 2017Designing methods of involvement and engagement with different versions of "patient experience"Alison Thomson (Queen Mary University of London)
31 January 2018Encouraging clinicians to work effectively with people with medically unexplained symptomsMarta Buszewicz (UCL Primary Care & Population Health)
5 April 2018How to tackle grand challenges in education through meta-analyses and systematic reviewsProfessor Olusola Adesope (Washington State University)
6 June 2018Celebrating variability and thinking critically about researchProfessor Jane Ogden (University of Surrey)
4 July 2018Embracing the Mosaic: Crafting Collaborative Arts-based Research for Critical ResilienceDr Helen Johnson (University of Brighton)
1 August 2018Visionary women and visible childrenProfessor Berry Mayall (UCL Institute of Education)


21 September 2016Early Years Intervention, Evidence-Based Policy, and the Crisis of ReplicabilityRosalind Edwards (University of Southampton)
5 October 2016What research do we do at SSRU?Kate Hinds, Meg Wiggins, Jeff Brunton, Katherine Twamley, Kirrily Pells (UCL Institute of Education)
2 November 2016Beyond Disease Prevention in Reproductive Selection and Embryo ModificationTom Douglas (University of Oxford)
7 December 2016What does a 'post-facts' world mean for research evidence?William Allen (University of Oxford)
18 January 2017Estimating the strength of qualitative studies relationsLeonie van Grootel (Utrecht University)
1 March 2017Spaces for citizen involvement in healthcare: an ethnographic studyDr Alicia Renedo (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
26 April 2017Connecting the dots: religion, violence and caring for babies - a sociological study of neonatal intensive care in MexicoRosa Maria Mendizabal-Espinosa (Kingston University/St George's University of London)
31 May 2017Healing the past by nurturing the future: a scoping review to inform identification and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents who have experienced complex childhood traumaCatherine Chamberlain (La Trobe University, Australia)
5 July 2017Increasing research efficiency and evidence synthesis to understand behaviour change interventions in contextSusan Michie (UCL)



Series convenors

Sarah Lester
Carol Rivas